Ruka-Kuusamo is a Photographer's Paradise

Kuusamo region's unique nature and the surrounding national parks are the reasons why we are among Finland's most popular photography locations.

Full of shooting locations

The national parks and nature reserves are full of life. It's  impossible to visit all the locations at once but this is a good reason to come here again. And again, and again...

All trips include an introduction on how to use your DSLR camera and find the right basic settings to shoot your favourite targets. Even if you don't own a DSLR camera you can take your phone and use it to the max. All necessary transport and equipment can be arranged as needed.

Want to combine photography with another program?

If you have planned and booked a program, there's a possibility to combine photo tutoring and guidance with another activity.

Also if you want to take photographing to the next level I can instruct and guide you through the basics of the Adobe Lightroom software.


There are several locations to spot our Kings of the Forest. Are you ready to spend an exiting summer night in the wild forests of Kuusamo?


Kuusamo winter sceneries are spread worldwide in social media. Locations like Oulanka National Park, Riisitunturi and River Kitka are among the most popular ones.

Siberian Jays

These wanderer's friends greet you usually near campfires to get that bread crumb from your sandwich. They also bring you good luck and like to be filmed.

Northern Lights

Travellers come here all over world to see the northern lights. I can take you to locations to get the best out of these green flames.

Safari Guide & Chef de wilderness

Snowmobiling is for sure among the most popular activities in Ruka. A relaxed and safe snomobile safari is an easy way to visit the wilderness away from the village. Snowy forests and hills look spectacular during daytime and the northern lights can light up the sky in the evenings. These trips can also be done muscle powered using snowshoes or fatbikes.

I provide guide and wilderness chef services for companies either on an hourly rate basis or as a package.

Also on offer are safaries for private groups sized from 4-6 people. Every safari is configured and carried out according to your wishes. I can also provide snacks or a campfire lunch, the necessary equipment like snow shoes, snowmobiles or a sleigh for your ice fishing trip. A third option is a complete safari package including all necessary gear, snowmobiles, lunch and guiding services.

Rafting Guide

The Kitka river descends from Europe's largest spring Kitka towards the Russian border. It offers superb rafting experiences which with a combination of beautiful sceneries through wild forests and exciting rapids that raise your adrenaline to another level. The upper part of the river is perfect for families and children over 5 years of age and the lower part, called the wild route, requires the participants to be a minimum of 18 years of age.

My service includes rafting guide packages as agreed or an hourly rate basis.

If you have a group and you look for a rafting adventure on Kitka river, please be in contact and I'm sure we'll find you the perfect package. Adventures on the Kitka river and in Oulanka national park are experiences you don't want to miss.  

Partner of Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland

Oulanka Nationalpark
The Emblem of Oulanka National Park - Calypso OrchidIn the rugged landscape of the Karhunkierros Trail, you will observe the power of water. The many trail options and hanging bridges of the Oulanka National Park will take you to the most impressive waterfalls in Finland. The jumps of wild brown trout, the dives of European dippers, the unlimited beauty of the aapa mires and the lovely calypso will challenge even the experienced nature photographer. Nature doesn't recognise any state boundaries: the vast wilderness of the Paanajärvi National Park is to be found on the Russian side of the border.
Riisitunturi Nationalpark
Humid climatic conditions contribute to Riisitunturi's natural beauty. The park has some of the finest sloping bogs anywhere in Europe. In winter the spruce trees that cover many of Riisitunturi National Park's hillsides are clad with a thick coating of condensed frost, creating a photogenic white forest. Enticing trails suitable for day-trips or longer treks welcome hikers in summer and snowshoe trekkers in winter.

Join the forest adventure in Ruka-Kuusamo!

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